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"We are very impressed with the support and service of The Philadelphia Nanny Network, Inc. We were able to interview and hire a highly qualified candidate in very short time."
-The Buckman Family


Babysitters, Nannies, Housekeepers, Cooks, Newborn Specialists, Tutors and Homework Helpers

Evenings, weekends, weeks, more!

Whether your child is mildly ill and needs to stay home from school, your current childcare arrangements are suspended or you just want to go out for the evening (without the kids!), NannyTemps™ can be there to help! Our clients use NannyTemps™ to fill in for evenings, days, weeks or months! NannyTemps™ have cared for the children while parents traveled out of town or to help out with a newborn baby. We also place temporary housekeepers, cooks, newborn specialists, tutors and homework helpers.
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Policies for NannyTemps™ referrals

An Annual Registration Fee of $125 ($75 for renewal) is paid which gives access to our pool of temporary caregivers. The agency fee of $22-45 per caregiver visit depends on the nature of the temporary job. There may be surcharges applied depending on the timing of the staffing request.  The fee is charged to the credit card when the job is filled. Hourly rates vary among employees ($15-35 per hour) and are paid directly to the employee by the client.

Up to $100 of the agency fee is non-refundable, should the client cancel for any reason.

For Nanny's Wages To avoid payment to the nanny, cancel in a timely manner! Notice of cancellation must be made directly to the agency by phone or email.

Cancel more than 24 hour notice Client will not be obligated to pay the Nanny if job is cancelled with more than 24 hours' notice. For weekend or Monday cancellations, agency must be notified by 3 pm Friday for a Saturday, Sunday or Monday temp job.

Cancel less than 24 hour notice Failure to cancel within the prescribed time frame will result in payment to the nanny.

Minimum of 4 hours of pay for a 1 day or 1 evening temp job
Minimum of 6 hours of pay for over 1 day or evening temp job

TPNN will automatically charge the client's credit card for the amount owed to the nanny, plus a $10 service charge, and will send payment directly to the nanny. If the nanny is staffed into another job for cancelled dates, required payment to nanny is waived.

Client understands and agrees that TPNN is strictly a referral service and that Client is solely responsible for the selection of the Helper. TPNN makes no guarantees, representations or warranties about the qualifications, ability, credentials, suitability, or performance of the candidates referred. Signing up with or paying TPNN does not guarantee that it will find a suitable candidate or replacement candidate for Client. Candidate further understands that Client, and not TPNN, is the employer of the Helper. Client further acknowledges, understands and agrees that the Helper is not an employee of TPNN and that in no event shall TPNN be liable or otherwise responsible for any action or performance of the Helper, including without limitation, the Helper's negligence, malfeasance, nonfeasance or willful misconduct.

I have read the above policies, understand them and agree to accept them.

Thank you for using our service. We look forward to working with you!



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