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Satisfied Customers
"What can I say? You matched me up with a family almost before I was in the door of my house from leaving your office! It couldn't have happened faster or better. You really know what you are doing!"
A. Span, Nanny


Baby Frequently Asked Questions

**What makes The Philadelphia Nanny Network, Inc. stand apart from other agencies?
Our commitment to not compromise on screening procedures, our professionalism, our ability to listen and respond to our nannies and families and our availability is the best around. From the feedback we get from clients and nannies, they say that we are the most responsive, caring agency with whom they have ever worked. We are there to answer the phone and offer the best selection of well-screened nannies and families.
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** What experience do your nannies have?
First and foremost, they have childcare experience. From there, it can vary from extensive babysitting to having been a nanny before. Some nannies have teaching backgrounds or worked in day care centers or preschools. There are nannies with formal nanny training or formal college education as well. Most of our candidates have some college experience. We are finding an increase in the number of candidates applying to us who have related college degrees.
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** Where do your nannies come from?
We recruit from all over the United States as well as locally. All of our candidates are US citizens or can legally accept work in the United States.
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**How much are the nannies paid?
The nanny's salary depends on her background and experience. It can range from $550 per week gross to $800 per week gross making the take home $500-800 per week. See “Nanny Qualifications”
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** How old are your nannies?
They range in age from 18 to 65 years old. Most nannies are either in the younger range, 20-30 years old, or in the older range (50 to 60 years old). We have screened our candidates for maturity and for those who understand the seriousness of this responsibility.
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**How do you screen your nannies?
Our process is in five phases. First, we screen the candidate over the telephone to qualify them for an interview. Then we schedule an in-depth interview, in person if they are local or over the telephone if they are from out of town. Thirdly, the candidate completes a comprehensive 6-page application form. We check the references that are comprised of a detailed conversation with childcare employers and a verification of education and all other types of employment. Lastly, we pay a private security firm to do a criminal, DMV and social security number check.
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** How do I interview nannies I can't meet?
Our clients interview them over the telephone. Sometimes they will fly a candidate out for a personal interview. We suggest doing that only if both sides are 99.9% certain that this is the right match. Some families interviewing one particular nanny may split the airfare to meet the candidate personally.
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** What other benefits do I offer the nanny?
In addition to salary, the nanny gets room and board if she lives in with the family. Typically, families offer two weeks paid vacation and paid major holidays. For live-in nannies use of a car during the nanny's time off and a private telephone line are generally offered. More and more families offer health insurance.
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** What about taxes and social security?
You'll need to discuss that with your accountant. We have a tax service in which we can refer you. Let them know that The Philadelphia Nanny Network, Inc. told you to call. It is GTM Associates 888-432-7972.
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** Who pays for the nanny to come out to the job if she is from out of town?
Usually the family pays. What we suggest to our clients is for the nanny to pay for her ticket and the family to reimburse her after an agreed period of time. Some families split the airfare with the nanny. This is something that needs to be worked out with the nanny.
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** What if the nanny leaves before the end of her year? or How does the one-year guarantee work?
We screen our candidates for those who can give a minimum of a one-year commitment. We need to see in their background that they are stable enough to keep a commitment. Since the nanny is your employee, you are welcome to have a contract with her if that would make you feel more comfortable. We give a one-year guarantee. That means if the nanny leaves within the first year for any reason, we will replace her for the balance of that year. Example, nanny #1 leaves after 4 months. The Philadelphia Nanny Network owes you 8 months of nanny service and we will replace her. Now if nanny #2 stays beyond that 8-month period, for her year, then you will be charged for the balance of that time, 4 months at $325 per month. You will only pay for the time you have a nanny service up to two years total. If nanny #2 stays longer than her year, there is not another charge.
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** How long does it take to hire a nanny?
Typically, we like to say leave 3 to 6 weeks from start to finish. We have made placements in one day and there have been times that it takes two months. We will not compromise our screening quality. A lot also depends on how quickly you are able to work with us. If you return our calls promptly and call the nannies immediately, time is compressed. If you wait several days to return our calls or be in contact with a nanny, it draws out the process. The important piece we emphasize is to hire the right nanny. Many of our clients find that they find her in the first few nannies they interview.
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**As an employer, what are the various insurance policies I should consider?
As a benefit, you may want to offer Health Insurance, Life Insurance, or Disability Insurance. As an employer, you may be required to provide Workman's Compensation Insurance. You will need to check with your state requirement. If the nanny is transporting your children, per her job description, you must make sure you provide the proper Automobile Insurance for her to carry out her duties.
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**What is the cancellation policy for the permanent nanny?
If between the hiring date and the commencement date of the job the client cancels the employment of the nanny, the client shall be refunded 80% of fee net of the nonrefundable Application Fee, if fee is paid in full. If the fee has not been paid, there is a 20% of fee due, cancellation fee, charged. If the nanny cancels her employment, the client will be refunded the full amount of the referral fee paid, less the nonrefundable deposit.
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**What is the cancellation policy for the NannyTemp?

If a client cancels the nanny, up to $100 of the agency fee is non-refundable, if the job has been filled. The rationale is that the agency has done its job in filling the position. All cancellations must be made to the agency with a 24-hour notice or by 4:00pm Friday for a Saturday, Sunday or Monday temp job to avoid payment to the nanny. For long-term temps, a one-week notice is required. Because the nanny has reserved her time and has passed up other work opportunities, failure to cancel within the requested timeframe results in compensation to the nanny as follows:

  • 25% of potential earnings for temp jobs 10 days or shorter.


  • One-week severance pay for temp jobs over 10 days in length.

The agency makes every effort to refer the nanny to another job so she can work. If the nanny procures another job in its place, you are not expected to pay the nanny.

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**Can I get references on your service?
Our clients and nannies volunteer readily to talk to new clients and nannies. After a nanny begins her job, we do follow-up, a report card of sorts. We ask questions about our service and how we performed. We receive “rave reviews” and almost everyone says they will be available as a reference. Ask the Placement Counselor for a few names and numbers of people to call.
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**Am I able to meet with you personally?
Absolutely. We are located in Ardmore, PA. Some clients like to drop off their application and contract, just to check it all out. They like to see the process in action and look at nanny files. Nannies stop in with their charges, just to show them off! It is best to let us know when you will be coming in so that we can advise you as to staff availability. Our nanny interviewing schedule is tight.
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** What is the difference between a nanny and a mother's helper?
It is more of a description of the job. A mother's helper works as an assistant to the mother who is at home or working part time while a nanny has full charge because both parents work full time.
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