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satisfied customers

I want to commend you and your team for a job well done. I can honestly say that since we have established a business partnership with you, our events in Philadelphia have been a lot easier to manage. Everyone in your office has proven to be very professional and understanding. As you know in our business things change constantly and your Agency has been very flexible with us. Your temp staff is great and very caring!!!!! Thanks for everything.

Georgie Barvié
Director of Operations
Accent on Arrangements


event childcare

Whether you are planning a conference, convention, seminar, workshop or special family event like a wedding, GroupTemps ™ can be available to take care of the children on the premises of the event. Since there may be question as to how many children will participate in the GroupTemps ™ for your event, we understand that a final number may not be available until several days before the event. The Philadelphia Nanny Network, Inc. works closely with you to manage that uncertainty.


About GroupTemps™
  • Our nannies are on duty 10 minutes before the agreed upon time so they can check in with the Nanny Coordinator and be ready for the children to arrive. Each nanny will don an apron that says The Philadelphia Nanny Network, Inc. so that parents can easily identify who is working with the children.
  • The Nanny Coordinator acts as a liaison. She will be in charge to supervise the nannies and be the link between the nannies and your representative. She serves as a coordinator of the care giving staff. The nannies check in at the beginning of their shift and check out with her. She also serves as a floating caregiver, available to help with any situation that may arise.
  • In order to provide the best care the ratios are as follows:

    Age Range

    Ratio of Children to Nannies

    Under 18 months


    18 months to 4 years old


    5 to 6 years old


    7 years old +


  • We determined these ratios based on the presumption that the children will need to be engaged within the context of the one room and toys brought into the room. There are not out of the room activities, unless otherwise prearranged.
  • There will be a formal Child Check in, Check out procedure with nametags for the children and nannies. Additionally, The Philadelphia Nanny Network, Inc. will provide a Fun Box of toys, books, craft supplies, and videos for use with the children of all ages.

GroupTemps™ Fees

The fee consists of three parts:

  • Agency Coordinating Fee -We work closely with you to organize the group care, set up a Nanny Coordinator, make the final adjustments to accommodate changes in numbers and ages of children in the days leading up to the event, provide formal Check in, Check out procedure with nametags for the children and nannies, a Fun Box of toys, books, craft supplies, and videos for use with the children of all ages.
  • Agency Referral Fee-We refer nannies who have been screened, interviewed, reference checked, criminal checked, DMV checked and social security number verified.
  • Nanny Compensation- Nanny receives hourly payment and parking reimbursement for her services.
Fee Structure

Coordinating Fee
These are "per shift" fees up to:

25 children    $370
50 children    $725
75 children  $1030
100 children  $1365
125 children    $1720  
150 children    $2085  
175 children    $2400  
200 children    $2750  

Agency Fee

$50 per nanny per shift + 6% sales tax

Caregiver Fee

$15-20 per hour + parking (4 hour minimum)

  • All agency fees and nanny compensation are paid in advance by check or credit card, including parking reimbursement for nannies. The Philadelphia Nanny Network, Inc. holds the funds and remits a check to nannies after they have completed the job.
  • All parents scheduling additional private, individual babysitting would be subject to pay $40 agency referral fee per day or evening and $15-20 per hour plus parking to the caregiver.

Kids fingerpainting

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