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Satisfied Customers
"This is the first nanny agency I've used where there has truly been a follow-up. I am amazed and impressed. Thanks"
- The Burge Family


Top Ten Tips on How to Keep Your Nanny

1. Treat your nanny as a professional and with respect.

2. Be confident in your nanny’s skills and judgement.

3. Give recognition and feedback.

4. Be approachable; encourage your employee to talk with you.

5. Establish a written job description.

6. Respect your nanny’s hours and compensate for overtime.

7. For a live-in nanny, respect her privacy and off time.

8. Be clear on your expectations on discipline and limit setting.

9. Keep your nanny well informed about the children and their

10. Pay your nanny on time. It is not appropriate for her to ask for
       her paycheck.

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